How TuTutor was born

How TuTutor was born

The TuTutor program began in March 2020 as a private initiative by Paulina Baum, who, with a group of students from colleges and universities, offered virtual tutoring to academically support the children of frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The success achieved by TuTutor inspires the IWF Foro Ecuador Association to continue with the program, promoting and strengthening it to support the largest number of students in Ecuador.

In August 2020, the new stage of the TuTutor Project begins with the motto: A program. A mission. An opportunity  

Volunteer tutors and tutors from all regions of the country participate in this new stage.

IWF TuTutor

The IWF Foro Ecuador Association is a non-profit organization that has among its objectives the creation and promotion of comprehensive development programs with a national scope, as well as the strengthening and development of citizen capacity.
Based on this principle, we expanded the TuTutor project, giving it a national scope on a voluntary and free basis.
We have designed processes to endorse tutors with the support of educational institutions, such as colleges and universities, which voluntarily refer tutors who are in the Student Participation Program, CAS or Community Outreach. Tutorials are given in a personalized way by virtual means.

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