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Students who need academic support.

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Program TuTutor

Our objective is to provide non-school academic support to those Ecuadorian students from 1st to 7th basic year that need help and guidance to do homework, study for lessons and knowledge reinforcement.

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University students give tutoring to children of workers who are on the front line against covid-19

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Free tutoring for children of frontline workers

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"I am Alexis Iza, with TuTutor I learned many things about Mathematics, English, Language, Social Studies, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, I thank my tutor for his time and help."
Alexis Iza
“We carried out the classes using different psychological tools and techniques, as well as artistic ones, exercises, relating to objects, among other things. All of this so that she can prepare to finish her studies and fulfill her dream of being a scientist. ”
Emilia Poussin
"TuTutor was a great help with school tasks and difficult subjects for my daughter. I thank you for the patience and affection that the tutor put in the accompaniment of the school tasks”
Odalis Lara
Tutored's mother
"My experience giving tutorials taught me not only to be able to help, but also to learn a lot from all the students. Supporting TuTutor was an opportunity for me to use my time in something as valuable as the training of children and young people who always They were motivated to learn more every day".
José Andrés Diaz


Duran city